Our company specializes in renovation and construction works for apartments, offices, private houses, and commercial spaces.

Comprehensive Apartment Renovation

Our company puts a lot of effort into creating comfort in your home, implementing a wide variety of ideas from our clients. We have been repairing apartments for many years, and each project for us is an opportunity to bring a special atmosphere to the space of your home.

Specializing in various aspects of renovation, decoration and interior design, we offer a wide range of services ranging from dismantling to plumbing and electrical work.

Turnkey apartment renovation is one of the main directions of our work. Our experience includes the renovation of 1, 2 and 3-room apartments, as well as studios and offices. We specialize in carrying out construction work of all levels of complexity, ranging from cosmetic renovation to complete redevelopment.

If your goal is to refresh the interior of the apartment, then we offer cosmetic repairs. And for new buildings, we can offer a comprehensive solution that includes finishing, electrical wiring, plumbing, as well as the installation of doors and windows. Major repairs covering the entire range of construction works are perfect for old apartments.

Why you should order repairs from us


Official company

We work under a contract and accept various payment options. We comply with the agreed deadlines and bear a guarantee for them


Experts in their field

We are for the division of labor. An experienced professional is responsible for each stage of the work


High-quality materials

We use only proven materials and deliver them to the place of work on our own


Own cargo transport

You will not have to puzzle over how to bring building materials and take out construction debris.


The entire portfolio

The company in numbers


Years of successful work


The person in the team




Satisfied customers

All services

Are you ready to discuss your repair?

Call a measurer for free to calculate the estimate at a convenient time for you

  • After the measurement, you will receive a detailed calculation of the estimate
  • Our specialist will measure your room, make a calculation and answer all your questions

The cost of our services depends on the size of the apartment, the necessary work and the prices of materials. The renovation of more spacious apartments is more expensive due to the larger area. Price differences also arise between second-hand apartments and new buildings.

We calculate the price, taking into account the plumbing, electrical and finishing work. Repairs can be cosmetic, capital and "euro", depending on the volume and complexity of the work.

What happens during the repair?

During the repair process, a full cycle of work takes place, starting with the disassembly of old structures and ending with the installation of the latest parts, including even the skirting board, and subsequent cleaning of the apartment.

We offer a wide range of construction and finishing services, including surface preparation, application of finishing materials, installation of doors and windows, as well as installation of plumbing and ventilation.

Our team of specialists will promptly and efficiently perform:

  • Leveling and surface preparation
  • Application of finishing materials such as wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster
  • Installation of door and window structures
  • Installation of plumbing, electrics and ventilation systems

We maintain constant quality control of the work, adhering to a pre-prepared plan and deadlines.

Before starting the repair, it is important to have a clear idea of the desired result. Decide whether you need to repair the entire room, part of it, or a specific room, determine the style of the interior and the amount of work – thorough or cosmetic.

Answers to frequently asked questions

We specialize in renovation and construction in apartments, offices, private homes and commercial premises. Our services include renovation, redevelopment, finishing, installation of plumbing and electrical equipment, as well as the creation of design projects.
We use only high-quality materials and products from trusted suppliers. At the same time, we take into account the preferences of the client and help with the selection of optimal options for each project.
The timing of the completion of the project depends on its scale and specific tasks. We always try to meet the agreed deadlines and work efficiently to complete the work on time.
Yes, we provide a guarantee for all work performed. We are confident in the quality of our work and are ready to provide customers with a proper guarantee of our services.

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Why will you like us?

Ремонт под ключ

Meeting deadlines

Reliable organization of the process and work schedule allows us to provide services in a timely manner that satisfies customers.
Экономия бюджета

Experience and professionalism

Our specialists have expert knowledge in various types of work, ensuring quality and reliability.

Individual approach

We are ready to listen to your needs, provide personalized solutions and adapt to your desires and capabilities.
Контроль качества

Quality and guarantees

We work only with proven materials and reliable suppliers.

Why should you entrust the repair to us?

Repair is a complex process that requires special skills, and to achieve the desired result, it is better to entrust it to professionals. 15 years of experience in this field allows us to successfully solve a variety of apartment renovation tasks.

At the first stage, our managers conduct individual consultations, where they discuss:

  • Project budget
  • The deadlines that you are planning
  • Building materials

After clarifying these points, our specialist arrives at the facility, takes measurements and makes a complete calculation of the necessary materials.

Next, we coordinate the full estimate, and after your approval, the construction team starts work.

We strictly follow the approved estimates, which allows you to transparently track deadlines and expenses. We also provide a five-year warranty for all work performed.