Electrical installation works


Apartment power supply project

The development of the apartment's power supply includes the creation of a completely new wiring system and grouping of electricity consumers according to their maximum capacity. During the design process, the necessary information is collected to select the appropriate cable inside the apartment and determine the characteristics of the equipment for protective disconnection.

Turnkey electrics

Electrical installation work includes the installation and configuration of electrical systems and equipment, as well as the performance of various electrical operations. The specific list of work performed may vary depending on the type of object, its purpose and characteristics. In general, electrical installation works include:

  • laying of cable lines and connection of wires;
  • installation of electrical panels and electrical appliances;
  • installation of electrical outlets, switches, lamps and other devices;
  • setting up and checking the operability of electrical equipment;
  • conducting tests and measurements of electrical circuits and systems;
  • grounding and surge protection;
  • installation of automatic control and management systems;
  • installation of video surveillance systems and intercoms;
  • setting up smart home systems and home electronics automation.

All these works are carried out in strict accordance with regulatory documents and safety rules in order to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical systems.