Finishing works


We are engaged in professional renovation of residential premises both in new buildings and in already used apartments and dilapidated housing.

Clients can order various types of repairs: cosmetic, major or complex for the entire apartment or individual rooms.

The repair stages are considered in detail, taking into account the customer's needs and quality requirements.

The advantages of a comprehensive apartment renovation

A comprehensive repair frees the client from the need to deal with non-core issues and includes the full range of necessary work.

Clients participate in the selection of the design project and control the process of work execution.

Repair rates

The cost depends on the layout, design project, special wishes of the client and other factors. Discounts are provided to customers.

How to order a comprehensive apartment renovation?

To order repairs, you can use the online chat, the feedback form on the website or call by phone.

Our specialists will provide free consultations, tell you about the cost and timing of work, as well as the services provided.

You can call at any time, and online applications are accepted around the clock.