Plumbing works


We carry out the installation of heating, sewerage and water supply systems, while using only modern equipment and taking into account the individual wishes of customers.

Our list of performed works on installation, dismantling or repair of heating systems includes:

  • Replacement of radiators.
  • Replacement of riser pipes.
  • Installation of heating in private houses with subsequent preparation of necessary documentation.
  • Installation of autonomous heating in apartments.
  • Installation of water underfloor heating.

The list of works performed on water supply and sewerage also includes:

  • Installing and replacing the meter.
  • Installation and repair of the toilet bowl.
  • Installation and replacement of the mixer.
  • Installation of shower cabins, hydroboxes, bathtubs and Jacuzzis.
  • Installation of water heaters (boilers and boilers).
  • Installation and connection of washing machines and dishwashers.
  • Installation of pumping stations for supplying water from wells in private housing.
  • Replacement of wiring.
  • Installation of heated towel rails.
  • Elimination of blockages of sewer pipes.
  • Dismantling of any plumbing systems.

Don't skimp on plumbing supplies

Some work, especially related to complex equipment and heating systems, should be carried out only by professionals. Our specialists guarantee the correct connection to water supply, electricity and sewerage, ensure high-quality sealing of mounting seams and connections to prevent water leaks, short circuits and other breakdowns during the operation of the equipment installed by us.

We also provide services for minor repairs of heating, sewerage, water supply or plumbing, providing the necessary spare parts and accessories. A guarantee is provided for all completed works.